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Privacy & Personal Data


This page forms a portal for our documentation on privacy and personal data protection. The portal includes:

  • Information you can read here on the website.
  • Documents you can download and keep for yourselves.
  • Requests you can make to us, concerning your personal data.

Below is a list of the documentation we provide. Follow the links to read.

  • Privacy policy – a full description of our policy for keeping your personal data private and secure.
  • Personal data – all about the information you supply, to enable us to provide you with the goods and services we offer. This includes:
    • Types – what kinds of data we keep about you.
    • Collection – when and where we collect your data, and for what purposes.
    • Storage – how we securely look after your data.
    • Retention – the length of time we keep your data and how we remove it when it's no longer needed.
    • Sharing – who we share your data with and for what purposes.
  • Requests – what we do when you ask for action regarding your data:
    • Guide – help and instructions on how to make a personal data related request.
    • Copies – how we can provide you with copies of the personal data we hold on you.
    • Corrections – procedures to alter your data if things are incorrect.
    • Removal – how we can remove your personal data from our systems, if you ask us to.
    • Breaches – how we deal with reports of any breach in the privacy or security of your personal data.
  • Cookies – all about how we use cookies on this website.

All articles on this subject can be found in the privacy category.

Document History

Version Date Who Description
1.2.2 20-Aug-2018 KJM PDF conversions now have footers with title and page numbering.
1.2.1 31-Jul-2018 KJM Public release.
1.2.0 23-Jul-2018 KJM Public release candidate.
1.1.1 10-Jul-2018 KJM Preparations for converting to downloadable and printable documents.
1.1.0 29-Jun-2018 KJM
  • Added "quick links" menu.
  • Cosmetic changes to headings.
  • The overview bullet points now contain links to the documents concerned.
  • Added "cookies" to the overview bullet points.
  • Added "who" column to this table.
1.0.1 14-Jun-2018 KJM
  • Added link to the "privacy" category.
  • Changed heading from "Change History" to "Document History".
  • This history is now managed in a separate source file.
  • Minor change to the styling of the table of contents.
1.0.0 12-Jun-2018 KJM Article password removed. The page is now public.
0.1.1 29-May-2018 KJM Changed title from "Personal Privacy & Data Protection" to "Privacy & Personal Data". This hopefully makes it sound simpler and a bit less technical. Moved "guide" at the top of the "requests" list.
0.1.0 25-May-2018 KJM First draft of the template/portal page, password protected. For review by the committee.
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