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Welcome to the Writing Groups Directory

This is where you can find writing groups in your area, or in another part of the nation. To list the groups you're interested in, please use the search options below.

Alternatively, you can click on the links in the geographical summary tables below, in order to display the writing groups in a particular area or region.

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Geographical Summary

Nation Country Region Areas Groups
Totals: 2 6 13 142 8
UK England East Anglia 3
London 20 1
Midlands 15
North 20
North West 13 2
South East 17
South West 11 1
Scotland Central Scotland 12 2
Highlands & Islands 4
Wales Wales 6 2
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland 1
Channel Islands Channel Islands 2
Canada Canada Canada 18
Region Area Groups
Totals: 5 8 8
Central Scotland EH Edinburgh 1
G Glasgow 1
Wales CF Cardiff 1
SA Swansea 1
London SW London, South West 1
North West L Liverpool 1
M Manchester 1
South West BS Bristol 1
UK Areas
UK areas. If the map is not visible then your browser may not support scalable vector graphics (SVG).

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Posted by: Pam Fish Date: March 4, 2015 5:34 pm
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Excerpt Date Posted By
I am Chairman and secretary of The Fellowship of… 30-Aug-17 Derek Keen
  Done. 30-Aug-17 Kevin Machin
Please add my e-mail address for contact details… 03-Sep-15 david lake
  Done. 03-Sep-15 Kevin Machin
Please add: address-Hinckley Library, Lancaster … 22-Aug-15 Carol Mogano
  Done. 03-Sep-15 Kevin Machin
Please add my E-mail address in the details page… 15-Aug-15 Diane McClymont , Fosseway Writers
  Done. 24-Aug-15 Kevin Machin
Please add our website address As a link) in t… 06-May-15 Stuart Pooley
  Link added. 06-May-15 Kevin Machin
The First Line Writers, which you list, are no l… 16-Oct-14 Rex Merchant
  Thanks for telling us. The entry has been remove… 28-Jan-15 Kevin Machin
Hi there I'm running a halloween themed poe… 02-Oct-14 Wendy Pratt
i was once chairman/tutor of the lovely writers … 02-Mar-14 Marian Hunt
Being a member of W.W's since its inauguration I… 14-Jan-14 William Trent
  Hello William, The website is about to undergo s… 21-Jan-14 Pam Fish
Hi, I've just read Daniela Taylor's post. I'm a… 17-Dec-13 Lindsey
Hello, I had two novels published and I am looki… 28-Oct-13 Daniela Taylor
I am a keen but unpublished writer who wants to … 17-Sep-13 G Tidswell
Hi, i'm a A-level college student at barnsley an… 05-Mar-13 Rachel Picton
Hi there, I am a new author and about to re… 14-Nov-12 Michelle Leverick
are there any writers groups in Leyburn; Bedale;… 06-Oct-12 Kevin Ryde
  Hello Kevin - there is a list of writing groups … 20-Oct-12 Pam Fish
     Hi Pam, Thanks for your responce to my last… 29-Sep-14 Kevin Cooper
       Hi Kevin Cooper, I'm new in the Hull/Cottin… 01-Nov-14 Nicole JF
Hi Micheal Greaney. I visited three groups si… 11-May-12 Kay Millward
Kay Willward is looking for a writers group ne… 14-Mar-12 Michael Greaney
I've just today posted a new one - any good? Pam… 31-Jan-12 Pam Fish
I have recently moved to Mold and am looking for… 30-Jan-12 Kay Millward
Dear Alan and all members Remember me???If a fe… 02-Jan-11 MARIAN HUNT
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