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Picture Stimulus

Through the Window

Through the Window by Stella Perrett

A picture is a great way of developing your imagination and creative skills. Using this drawing by artist Stella Perrett as an example.

Imagine the picture in colour. What sounds can you hear? In your mind, step into the picture to explore textures and smells. Imagine you can walk along the street where this scene occurs. What else do you discover?

Use the Big Six question words to explore further – when, where, who, what, why and how.

Play a heads-or-tails game to generate ideas at random. Ask a closed question such as "do these two people know one another?" Flip a coin. Heads for yes and tails for no. Use whatever answer you get to prompt the next question. I have used this technique for years and it's uncanny how a plot will grow 'organically' out of these random responses. You can focus your questioning by choosing a genre before you start – romance, crime, fantasy and so on.

— Steve Bowkett

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