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Bare Bones Writing

Rationale: Whenever we hear or read a sentence we conjure up a mental image that contains many more details than the sentence itself provides – this is the power of our imagination.

Activity 1: Read or show the first sentence to your group, then ask them to write down or discuss what they were imagining, in as much detail as possible – colours, sounds, scents, textures etc.

Activity 2: Continue by saying / reading the other sentences in the list. These suggest a vague narrative. Working in pairs or small groups, ask open questions of one person in each group – who, what, where, when, why, how – to open up the story line. The best frame of mind is to be 'relaxed yet alert', just noticing mental impressions that appear as responses to the questions.

Tip: Don't bombard the person visualising with questions. Allow time between each sentence for impressions to be gathered.

The boy was walking through the forest.

It was late afternoon.

He needed to reach the village.

He heard a voice calling.

He went to investigate.

The light was fading.

He thought he saw a shadowy figure up ahead.

He walked deeper among the trees.

He felt nervous but curious.

He came to a small house in a clearing.

He went inside.

— Steve Bowkett.

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