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Advertising on our Website

Please read our general advertising information, if you have not already done so.

Notice: advertising on this website is currently restricted to NAWG members.

Adverts on our website are shown in a dedicated area, where visitors can browse. They are also often cross-referenced to other categories on the site, such as events and competitions.

In all cases, please discuss your website advertising needs with the administrator (web-admin@nawg.co.uk) before proceeding.

For further information, please use the same email address as given above.

Note: If you place an advert in Link and/or on the website, you get a free mention in our e-newsletter, mailed out to hundreds of our members.

Tariff – Advertising on our Website

For NAWG members, some advertising is free, though there may be restrictions, depending on when and where you want the advert to be placed.

Please note: the option for third parties to pay for advertisements on this website is not currently available.

You may wish to consider advertising in Link magazine instead.

Procedure – Advertising on our Website

Here's what to do to get your advert (or article) on the website.

  1. Prepare the material for your advert as an article, formatted as you would want it to appear. We'll do our best to approximate the layout and style, though we may need to adjust it for the web.
  2. Attach the file(s) to an email message and send it to web-admin@nawg.co.uk.
  3. Your article will be put onto the website, once your membership has been confirmed.
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