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NAWGFest Extra Day

Extra Monday Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to limited interest, the extra Monday for NAWGFest 2017 has been cancelled.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Original Proposal


Here at NAWG HQ we've been looking at an idea sent in by a number of our members – to wit, should we add an extra day to our University of Warwick NAWGFest?

The proposal would be to add a Monday to the weekend as a writing/consolidation day. For those who wished to take advantage of the opportunity, they would get the chance to put into practice what they've learnt over the weekend, whilst it's still fresh in the mind and they're still fired up. Tutors and/or committee members would be on hand to offer advice and feedback.

How it might work could be to have an after dinner promises session on the Sunday evening, to ensure that delegates have a clear aim for the extra day and don't waste the opportunity for writing. The session would also give delegates the chance to "book in" time with tutors and/or committee members for discussion about their work, and to pass on any writing they may wish to be read and commented upon.

Monday would start with writing time immediately after breakfast, with rooms and library facilities made available to delegates. Half-way through the morning, we could all come together for tea, coffee and progress reports about how people are doing, then return to writing until lunch. After lunch, a read round of work for those happy to share and feedback on progress against promises. Then perhaps a goal setting session to send delegates away with definite aims – where to next with your work? Perhaps create a "buddy system" for follow-ups.

For those who did wish to stay for the extra day, it would add a further 24-hour rate charge of £90 to the overall price of the weekend.

But we can't go ahead with this proposal until we know that enough people would be interested in signing up for an extra day at NAWGFest to make it economically and organisationally viable. So this is where you come in. If you think you'd be likely to sign up for an extra day, please email us at info@nawg.co.uk and let us know. Alternatively, you may also leave a comment below this article. Your responses will be in no way binding – we just want to get some idea of how many may potentially be interested in this new idea.

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