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Beneath the Brushwood

Here is an extract from Beneath the Brushwood. Part of the Into Dust collection by Bernadette Keeling.

It is night.

The darkness is absolute save for the soft blush of light in my hands. But this place is not still. Bats move the air, badgers and dormice rustle the scrub. Nature is at work.

This wood is an ancient one. It has cloaked the narrow valley and sharp slopes from a time when the world shimmered with ice. I have always been drawn to it, to its splendid permanence. Though its parts may shift and change, it survives as a whole. A soulful, spiritual Whole. It is a place of creation. Of endemic magic.

And of death.

I try to be patient. I know that she will come though I wish her far away. The fox is bleeding out. Its screams have shredded the night for an hour or more. It is a handsome specimen, fine-boned and elegant. It fought hard, at first, writhing and pawing at the metal teeth which have punctured its skin, but now it lies still, though it is not yet quiet.

Moonlight breaks through the cloud, infiltrates the wood, and disguises my light. There is a sharp snap to my left and an amber glow falls upon the floor.

She is here.

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Into Dust

"In the darkness the harbinger sings, of death, destruction, the end of all things." An injured soldier crosses a moor in the midst of a storm, a man chases an elusive woman through the streets of York, four children play in an abandoned house on a crumbling cliff top…

Photo: B.M. Keeling

Containing eight chilling stories of love, despair, loneliness and redemption, Into Dust is a collection of supernatural tales which will have you lighting a fire, reaching for a drink and, of course, locking your door.

Published in paperback via CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform and in e-book format via KDP in July 2015.

Bernadette can be found at www.bmkeeling.com where she blogs about reading, writing and self-publishing.

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