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The Wishing Star is now Available to Buy

A Collaborative Sponsored Writing Project 2016/17

The basic idea is for a group of writers each to contribute a chapter to a novel while seeking donations to NAWG from family, friends and others to do this. For our first Narrathon we created a story called The Wishing Star, a romance/crime adventure for 11—13 year-old readers.

The Wishing Star books

Steve Bowkett, NAWG Committee member and Link magazine editor, oversaw the first Narrathon. His job was to:

  • Supply a synopsis, character descriptions and the first chapter of the book.
  • Issue writers with their writing window dates.
  • Check that standby authors were available if any of the contributors had to pull out.
  • Step in to write chapters himself if neither a contributor nor standby authors were available.
  • Offer guidance where necessary to Narrathon authors.
  • Read through each chapter and suggest edits where necessary.
  • Ensure that finalised chapters were passed on to the next author.
  • Review the whole manuscript to check for anomalies, contradictions, etc. (with assistance from other NAWG committee members).
Hands on paper

Contributing authors agreed to make the commitment of writing one chapter of the book within the time-frame specified. Authors were to aim as far as possible for consistency of style, language level and suitability of content for an 11—13 age range.

There were 19 chapters (including Steve's first chapter), each between 1,500 and 2,000 words long.

Each writing window lasted a week (see the time line below). During that slot the author read the previously written material then wrote his or her chapter, leaving time to send it to Steve for approval and carry out any rewrites if needed.

At a pinch, edits and rewrites on one chapter would continue while the next chapter was being written, but we liked to avoid this if possible. Editing two or more chapters simultaneously from different writers could make things very complicated!


As chapters were written and "signed off" they were sent out to all volunteer writers so that they could see how the book was shaping up and, as it were, have advance warning of how the story was developing as they prepared to begin their chapter.

If unforeseen circumstances meant that an author couldn't complete their chapter, they let Steve know as soon as possible so that he could contact the team of standby authors to find a replacement.

Hands on book

The names of all authors (contributing and standby) plus sponsors are acknowledged in the finished book. Contributing authors also have a brief biographical note included in the book.

We envisaged that the novel would be published as a paperback (with an ISBN) and initially publicised through the website, Link and our digital newsletter. Each contributing author (including any standby authors who contributed) received a complimentary copy.

We would like Narrathon to be more than a one-off event (though it may not happen annually). Standby authors who would like to be included in the next Narrathon will automatically be part of the next writing team.


Contributing authors can begin seeking donations to NAWG as soon as they know they have been selected. Obviously, the more money we can raise, the more this will help to make what NAWG offers better for members.

Please use our JustGiving page to make your donations.

Taking Part

Please contact Steve at his editor@nawg.co.uk address if you would like to be part of our project and/or have any questions.

Please note that Narrathon participants do not need to be a member of NAWG.

However, if you're not a member already, then why not consider joining up?

Narrathon Time Line

Writing clock

Please note that this is not a real clock, but a still image. It will only be correct twice a day.

Chapter Writing Window Author
1 Completed Steve Bowkett
2 Completed Marta Cseh
3 08 Jan — 14 Jan Annie Percik
4 15 Jan — 21 Jan Sally Trueman-Dicken
5 22 Jan — 28 Jan Amanda Giles
6 29 Jan — 04 Feb Chris Huck
7 05 Feb — 11 Feb Anne Steward
8 12 Feb — 18 Feb Bill Douglas
19 Feb — 25 Feb (Steve away)
9 26 Feb — 04 Mar Elizabeth Douglas
10 05 Mar — 11 Mar Morgen Bailey
11 12 Mar — 18 Mar Emma Finlayson-Palmer
12 19 Mar — 25 Mar Jennifer Margrave
13 26 Mar — 01 Apr Jane Martin
14 02 Apr — 08 Apr Carolyn Ward
15 09 Apr — 15 Apr Helen Somers
16 16 Apr — 22 Apr Rebeccah Giltrow
17 23 Apr — 29 Apr Charlotte Ward
18 30 Apr — 06 May Helen Woods
19 07 May — 13 May Amarjit Nar
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