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NAWGFest 2016: Photos

Please note that the information given here relates to a previous event.

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(Chairman's report…)

Here are some photographs from various parts of the event. Many thanks to our photographers:

Anne Steward • Chris Huck • Pam Fish

Please note that the images below have been cropped and reduced in size. You can click on them to view them individually in their original larger sizes.

Readings in the Bookshop


The bookshop.

Morgen reading

Morgen Bailey reading.

Reader 2

? Reader 2.

Reader 3

? Reader 3.

Drinks Reception

Sarada and Fran

Sarada and Fran.

Shortlisters 1

Drinks reception for short-listed competitors.

Shortlisters 2

Drinks reception for short-listed competitors.

? and Marvin

? and Marvin.

Gervase with ?

Gervase with ?

? with Pam

? with Pam.

? with Annie Percik

? with Annie Percik

Gala Dinner

Table 10 (1)

Table 10.

Table 10 (2)

Table 10.

Table ?

Table ?

Juliette Caird with ?

Juliette Caird with ?

Table 2

Table 2.

Table 5

Table 5.

Table ?

Table ?

? with Edyth Ward

? with Edyth Ward.

Steve Bowkett

Steve Bowkett.

Table ?

Table ?

John and Sarada

John and Sarada.


The Thompsons.

Table 1

Table 1.

Table 2

Table 2.

Table 4

Table 4.

Emma, Catherine and Della

Emma, Catherine and Della.

Table ?

Table ?

Kevin with Derek

Kevin with Derek Keen.

Awards Ceremony – Presented by Gervase Phinn

? receiving award

? receiving award.

? receiving award

? receiving award.

Open poetry shortlisted

Heather Ann Russell, short-listed for open poetry.

Formal poem winner

Shelagh Wain, formal poem winner.

Jill and Heather

Jill Rundle and Heather Ann Russell.

Travel article winner

Derek Keen, travel article winner.

Travel article shortlisted

Andrew Connolly and Helen Somers, short-listed for travel article.

Children's poem winner

John and Sarada receiving award for Shivani Cook, children's poem winner.

Isabel ?

Isabel ?

Children's short story winner

Freya Arnott, children's short story winner.

Children's short story shortlisted

Briony Arnott, short-listed for children's short story.

Children's short story shortlisted

Emma collecting for Aidan Finlayson-Palmer, short-listed for children's short story.

Ghost story winner

Sarah Dixon, ghost story winner.

Ghost story shortlisted

John Glander and David Lake, highly commended and short-listed ghost stories.

Ghost story shortlisted

Christina May, short-listed ghost story.

Comedy writing shortlisted

Bill Peters and Dick Sawdon Smith, short-listed for comedy writing.

Memoir winner

Jean Eaton, memoir winner.

Memoir shortlisted

Rosemary Gray, Sarada Thompson & Jo Roberts, short-listed memoirs.

Play winner

Lynda Turner,

ten minute play winner.

Play shortlisted

Joanne Tyrrell & Amanda Giles, short-listed ten minute plays.

Anthology winners

Peterborough Writers' Circle, group anthology winners.

Anthology shortlisted

The Poised Pen, Llanelli Writers' Circle & Holme Valley Poets, short-listed for group anthology.

Mini-tale winner

Sue de Nimme, mini-tale winner.

Mini-tale shortlisted

? ? ?, short-listed mini-tales.

Anthology shortlisted

Llanelli Writers' Circle, short-listed for group anthology.


John and Sarada with various certificates.

After-Dinner Sparkles

Sparkler 1

? Sparkler 1

Sparkler 2

Olaf ?

Sparklers 3

Morgen and Annie

Sparkler 4

? Sparkler 4

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