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"100" Competition: Submissions

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100 Word Mini-Tales Competition

  Welcome to the Competition

Special Notice – Competition Holiday Break

Now that round seven has closed, the rolling "100" competition is going on holiday for a well-earned rest. But don't worry, it will be coming back later in the year.

The committee are working hard in the background to sort out a few organisational issues and we felt it was safer and easier to hit the pause button and give the competition a short break.

If you've entered round seven, you may wish to know that all the entries have been judged and the results are out.

But if any of you were thinking of entering round eight, please keep hold of your entry until we relaunch the competition. We'll let you know via the website, newsletter and Link when round eight opens. Hey – you've got a bit more time for that extra bit of editing now, haven't you?

Many thanks.

— Simon Whaley, competition administrator.

Story Submissions Area

Please submit your stories by email, using the following procedure:

  1. Write your story according to the competition rules.
  2. Compose an email message with the following subject line:

    MTC: "Your Story Title"

    If you're submitting several stories, then please put all their titles in the subject line, e.g.

    MTC: "Story One Title", "Story Two Title", …

  3. Please include the following information in the body of the message:

    1. Your full name.
    2. Your postal address, including the postcode.
    3. Your contact telephone number.
    4. Your payment method (see below).
    5. The name of your writing group, if you are a member of one (optional).
  4. Add your story to the message as a file attachment. If you have more than one story, then please attach them as separate files.

    Important! Please don't forget this step.

  5. Send the message to the following e-mail address: comp-100@nawg.co.uk

    Please note: there is usually no acknowledgement of your email submission, but you can periodically check the status page to see if your story has been accepted.

    The entries and payments are processed manually by our staff, when time permits, so please allow a few days for your submission to appear on the website.

Entry Fees
  • £ 3.00 – single entry.
  • £ 5.50 – two entries.
  • £ 8.00 – three entries.

Please note that the discounts for multiple entries are intended for submissions made within the same round. For this reason, it's best to send multiple entries together, attached to the same email message. In such cases, and when necessary, one or more entries will be carried over into the next round.

If you send multiple entries separately but under the same discounted payment, then please be careful how long you wait, as the later ones will not be carried over into the next round under those circumstances.

Please note that the competition is taking a break until later in the year.

We are therefore no longer accepting submissions until that time.

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