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Advertising with NAWG

Are you looking to advertise your writing-related competitions, events and services with us? These articles tell you what you need to know.

General Advertising Information

The following information applies to all advertising with NAWG. More specific details can be found in later sections and pages.

You can use the panel on the right to navigate.

Where to Advertise

Here is a list of places where you can place your advert.

  • Link magazine: We have a bi-monthly magazine that goes out to our membership. It's available to members in printed form and also on our website.
  • e-Newsletter: This is a text-only newsletter that is send by email to our subscribers.

    Note: If you place an advert in Link and/or on the website, you get a free mention in our e-newsletter, mailed out to hundreds of our members.

  • Website: On our website, we have an dedicated area where adverts can be placed.
  • Festival brochure: Our annual NAWGFest event has a printed brochure where adverts may be placed. Please note there is no free advertising for members in the NAWGFest brochure.
What is the Cost?
NAWG Members

As a commitment to our members, some advertising is free of charge. This is one of the benefits of joining.

Members are:

  • Writing groups who are members of NAWG,
  • Their members,
  • Individual NAWG members.

Other groups, individuals or associations who are not members will be charged a fee.

The exact costs are given in the tariffs for each of the advertising media types.

In addition, in certain circumstances, special arrangements may be made. See below for details.

There are other alternatives too:

  • By prior arrangement, and with NAWG's approval, a reciprocal agreement can be made. This could, for example, be where we promote something for you on our website, in exchange for you promoting something for NAWG on your website.
What can be Advertised?

All advertising arrangements are at the discretion of the NAWG committee.


Make sure the nature of your advert is suitable for advertising with NAWG. We're an organisation for writers and we're happy to promote writing-related events, services, competitions and the like.

Material that's not relevant to writers and writing will not be accepted for advertising.

Spam will be deleted without reading.

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